Top 12 reasons why you need a website

Hey Guys! I am going to share ‘Top 12 reasons why you need a website :

Top 12 reasons why you need a website 1Top 12 reasons why you need a website 2

#1. As a Businessman: Top benefits of having a website for a business is which service Customers want and where your consumers are. As a businessman, having a website is very important. A businessman can easily communicate with customers and exchange contacts through the web site. A businessman can easily inform about new and latest products to the customer. Customers can order products from the website by purchasing the product. A Businessman can easily satisfy his customer through a website. About 97 percent of people go online to find a local business to buy products and about 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. Believe it or not, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google per day, and at this very moment, there is someone in your area online and searching for your exact service. For that reason you need a website for Growth your business.

#2. As a Job Holder:  A job Holder earns a limited salary. Through limited salary, he can’t do nothing for him as well as his family but manage family. So, passive income is much needed for the future. If you have a website, you can easily earn money through Google AdSense by blogging. I think you realize why you need a website.

Top 12 reasons why you need a website 4

#3. As a Blogger: A person who writes and shares content on a website is called a blogger. A blogger can earn EPC (Earning Per Click) money by placing ads of various advertising networks ad on his blog. Moreover, a blogger can show his or her identity all over the world. That’s why a blogger needs a website.

#4. As A Freelancer or Web Developer: Freelancer or Web Developer is the person who works for an organization online or who earns money. A Freelancer or Web developer can easily access its own skills, abilities, experiences through the website. He offers himself/herself to hire for work with others. If you do not have a website, you cannot express your identity to others. So the website is very important for him/her.

#5. As an Affiliate Associate:  Most affiliate programs give offer link to promote their website url which direct visitors directly back to their website to chance for passive earning by commission on any referral sales. An Affiliate can easily share html offer links for adding banner ads as well as Search Engine widgets to make earn. Let’s Go to Make $1000 Per Day from Affiliate Programs (Click Here)

#6. As a Politician: At present time it is very important for a politician to have a website too. A politician can easily access the activities, contacts, skills, capabilities of his team online through the website. He can invite others to join their own groups. If he/she does not have a website, the identity of himself or the team cannot be shared with others. So the website is very important for him/her.

Top 12 reasons why you need a website 1Top 12 reasons why you need a website 2

#7. As a Masterchef: It is very important for a Masterchef to have an attractive website for sharing his/her recipes. Now a days, A Masterchef can easily Share the cooking activities, Cooking Tips and Tricks, skills, capabilities of his creativity through the website. He can invite others to join his website. If he/she does not have a website, the identity of himself cannot be shared with others. So the website is very important for him/her.

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#8. As a Housewife: A housewife manages her house, she wants to share her thoughts, interests, opinions, cooking recipes among others. Website will be the best medium for that. Through the website, a housewife can share her own interests, house managing tips with others. That’s why a housewife needs a website.

Top 12 reasons why you need a website 8

#9. As a Publisher or Advertiser: A advertiser is the element/organization paying for putting a commercial in the broad communications to advance or sell something, normally his/her item or administration while a distributer is the originator or engineer of media content, writing, music to be devoured by the overall population as a book, paper, magazine.

#10.  As a Student: As a student, he would like to share his own thoughts, interests, opinions, desire with others. Web site can be the best medium for that. Through the website, a learner can share their own creativity with others. He may seek other learner’s opinion about his complex textual and lessons issues. After some days he can use his website as an earning source.

#11. As a Poet or Writer: A poet or writer would like to share his own poems, stories, novels, thoughts, interests, opinions among others. Web site can be the best medium for that. Through the website, a writer can share his own creativity with others. After few days he can use his website as an earning source.

Top 12 reasons why you need a website 10

#12. As a Senior Citizen: A senior Citizen has to sit idle most of his time at home after retiring from his job or business or task. There is no one to accompany him. The biggest way to help him at this time is with a website. By creating a website, he can share his past experiences, opinions, thoughts of good and bad with others. That’s why the website is so important.

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Hey Guys! After Reading the benefits of the website, I think you are ready to create a website. Creating a website is not a difficult thing at all. You can easily create websites with 3 small tasks.


Ideally the address of your website will match the name of your own business, such as Your web page address should deliver your business’s name as closely as possible, as well as being memorable and distinctive. Choose FREE AND CHEAP PRICE domain name from the following websites:

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Look for a Web hosting service that’s well-established and has a reputable history. Compare fees and determine what services and features are provided for that fee.

Website for business

Finally, choosing a full-featured service is smart here.

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Creating a website design is very simple and easy. You can create a responsive themes website by CMS Site like WORDPRESS.COM.

It is totally Free And Free!

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More Website Themes

Best alternatives of Google AdSense network for make money.

Make money from your website

Chitika,, Tribalfusion, madadsmedia,Clicksor, infolinks, green and red Ads Networks are the Alternatives of Google AdSense. Currently the subjective advertising on Google Adsense has dominated in the world. In other words, the first choice of website owner is Google Adsense ads. This is not usually dominated by Google, has been achieved. Authentic finance transaction, support forums, more income opportunities and an account of the absence of having the opportunity to express and show ads to other site. But Adsense is not easy to get approved. Considering the various aspects of the Google Adsense account and then endorse the website. Besides, there are more obstacles to the South-Asian countries like Bangladesh. In all, the new sites approved for the Google Adsense has become a great dream.

The earnings of many of its own website or display ads blog site the Bloggers are taking as a profession. Many people are working part-time as it again. The number of visitors is the main topic, that means watching how many of your website. As more visitors come to your website, increase the income. Visit the website to increase the number of things that people are looking for in the search engines again and again, on the subject of informative websites that will get the most benefit.

Contextual advertising is still wondering who or what the subject, they would say, on your blog or website’s content, depending on the text and image ads that are relevant thematic advertising. The big advantage of being in harmony with the website’s users see ads on your site is. As a result, the rate increases to click the ads, the ads will increase your income. As well as the Google Adsense advertising network will try to get approval. That is better for if you get approval for Google Adsense ads. But if you do not get approval so that would just sit in silence for what?

There are also many ad networks like Google AdSense, through which you can get your website on a regular basis to see the rates of exploitation. However, some of the ad networks will have to be careful. They will take the show is basically the kind of advertising, the key principles of their services, cash withdrawal and the lifting of the minimum amount, did not have any such costs, advertising displays etc. for visitors to the area. Here are some things to look for is reliable ad network. Without them, there are more networks.


Chitika is the advertising network base of Massachusetts of United States is established in 2003. Advertising display in the user’s geographical location and they focus on the content of the website. Chitika displays ads base of PayPal click. If the visitor clicks on ads, then you get the money. No money is available only for display ads. Minimum of 10 Dollar by PayPal & by checks minimum $50 can be withdrew. Chitika provides ads for mobile phones of different sizes to create as well as desired size of the ad of your website. Chitika have complained about the fact that they only pay for visitors to the United States.

Yahoo-Bing advertising Network:

Two Search engine jointly managed a popular advertising organization network. Yahoo and Bing are jointly providing the advertising, the ads feature you will not have to worry. Small or large, even a small boost traffic to any website they are in motion. Various shapes and themes you need to be able to choose ads. It will introduce you to an individual representative, if needed, you’ll help him. PayPal or by check will be able to lift a minimum of 100 dollars

Tribal Fusion:

If your blog or website, at least five million unique visitors per month comes, then only you can think of Tribal Fusion registration. However, this advertising network, you can earn quite a good amount of money. Checks or bank transfers to lift a minimum of $ 100.

Mad Ads Media:

Mad ads Media is advertising network collect ads from Google, Yahoo and other large advertising networks to display. Besides, a lot of clicks, as well as readily available to the approval of advertisements, money will be credited to your account for your websites impression.


There is no trouble getting approval. Clicks advertising you can enable any websites. However, the ads need to be aware of. The banner and text ads and other ads visitor may suffer disturbance. PayPal or a minimum of $ 50 can be withdrawn by check.


Infolinks is In-text advertising networks. Links to your website based on the keywords in the form of advertising. If a visitor clicks the link, the Web Publisher will be credited to the account. In-text advertising network is now established in 2007 AD, as well as in-search, in-frame and in-label advertising service is.

Green & Red Ads:

Green and Red is the name of a popular advertising company of Bangladesh. You can easily earn from Green and Red ads to display ads from your website. Green and Red advertising company gives the opportunity to display ads are just Bangladeshi websites. However, a disadvantage of having their ad code cannot be changed. When at least Bangladeshi TK 1000 is deposit your account you can withdrew money through ‘BKash’ (BKash is very popular money transfer media in Bangladesh).

Top 10 great Tools need for professional web developer:

10 great Tools need for professional web developer:

Hello visitor, I extend my best wishes to all on behalf of Today I am in front of you, especially for those who are working to Developing Web pages I will share about the extraordinary required 10 Tools.

Developing the web pages, we know for sure that they are working to accelerate the speed of our work, or work more attractive, in order to take the various types of Tools. So today, I work in front of the development of Web pages that you are going to discuss about 10 remarkable required Tools developers of all levels to take advantage of all the new or old, to the more dynamic pace of their work.

Tools Numbers-01: GrepWin: This is a great tool for developers. It is basically a file in which you can make use of more than one word you can with one correction. If a buyer sends, you a file, such as where you will be able to work in multiple locations Go instead went down. In this case, you can take the help of GrepWin called Tool.

Use  Tool, please visit:

Tools Number-02: Intuitive Color Picker: Developing your choice what you want to select the Color. You can then use the tools Intuitive Color Picker. By using it, you can simply move your mouse on the color hue and lightness in your favorite color, you can use in your website.

Use Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers- 03: Everything: It is software, which files you need, whether you remain within your computer of numerous files and folders which also help you to find out very quickly. In addition, it is necessary to bring the file to find out would be short time.

Use Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers -04: Whois: a website about various types of information such as the Web site being used for a long time, her own car, or take it from the top providers of hosting the website being driven over a variety of matters, etc. You can find more information in the Whois tools.

Use tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers -05: TinyPNG: We know that many of the large size of the images used on the site to load the site takes a lot of time. So we use the web site image size is not too large, so our goal is to keep crime. By using the tools and the TinyPNG png files can be reduced up to 70% and to have good quality corporate.

Use Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers -06: Twitter Bootstrap: Responsive website is a great tool in creating the Twitter Bootstrap. By using, it in a very short period can create a responsive website. Moreover, here you will find several examples in which you create your website are a great way to collaborate.

Use Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers -07: Firebug: Developing tools, and is a popular Firebug. It is a Mozilla Firefox extension. This includes the built-in JavaScript debugger, which script steps webpage developers to write and writing the script of the mistakes are.

Use the Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers -8: Clean AJAX: Developing tools and it is also popular JavaScript-based software, which is essentially different forms: .NET, PHP, RoR to reduce the code and improve their performance and support.

Use Tool, please visit:

Tools Numbers-09: Zen-Coding: It is an advance Level NotePad ++ of Developer of it to the Plugin. You can ready very easily through a code of 1 hour, from about 10 to 15 minutes after.

Plug-ins for use, please visit:

Moreover, if you want to know the rules of use of the plug-ins you can visit the link below.

Tools number -10: LastPass: your password safe to preserve the values ​​of being a popular site LastPass. It is almost a hundred percent into the security of your password will be stored securely.

Use Tool, please visit:

Thanks to all for having. I hope the benefit by using shared tools and allow you to be able to increase the speed of work.

Make money from outsourcing

In the age of information technology is the most widely discussed topic online freelance outsourcing in developing countries like our country. Although our country is still in its new, but in the meantime, many freelance outsourcing have been able to completely change the fate of them. At the end of study or studies, as well as freelance outsourcing anyone can build his future career. Freelance outsourcing is a huge multi-billion dollar market. Developed countries wish like to reduce production costs by outsourcing jobs immense. Our neighboring countries like India and Pakistan have taken the opportunity very well. If we can hold on a little part of the huge market of freelance outsourcing, then it could be an effective way to strengthen our economy.

Freelancing is the freedom to work whenever outside the traditional employment. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily become a freelancer. Here, as on the one hand there is the desire to work for the freedom and also the freedom to choose the type of work. Online freelancing is unthinkable in terms of revenue potential. Here is the new work in each moment. Programming, graphic design, websites, games, 3D animation, project management, software bugs, testing, data entry – any one or more of the cases, you can successfully build yourself as a freelancer. But first a little patience and a few things in mind, you will have to prepare yourself. This report has been made in such a way so that you can express it successfully as a new freelancer.

Freelancing Website:

There are many popular websites on the Internet that is given freelancing services. You can start with any one of these by registration. Who submitted jobs is called a Buyer or Client and who completed tasks is called Provider or Coder or Freelancer. Bid or apply for a job and the work of numerous freelancers can also specify how much is done. Of them the client may choose suitable freelancer. Typically the work experience, the amount and the time of freelancer’s task plays an important role in the selection of comments Coder. After selecting a freelance client deposits all the money in the freelancing sites. Buyer gives the money after completing the work with the assurance. Freelancers are used to give a specific part of the service fee to the site owner. Based on the types of work the amount of charge may be different (10% to 15% of earning). Some of the popular freelancing websites are follows: ,, , , ,    

Some of the sites are discussed below:

There are many freelancing sites in the world, being the most popular and reliable sites in the authenticated. Upwork is popular both buyer & freelancer. This site is currently in the works for nearly 100 thousands freelancers. Upwork site is the site for the graphics, data entry, web design, article writing, (SEO) search engine optimization programming, including the work of various kinds. is the site called ‘a certain amount of value and the price is per hour (Hourly job) both worked. However, is the more popular for hourly jobs. This method is relatively more than freelancers other freelance sites can make money. This system is contains a special software on the Internet (Team viewer software) freelancers works through. Screenshots of what freelancers are doing goes to the buyer through the software. As a result, the buyer did not get updated his work.

There are verities kinds of tests in Upwork for freelancers. These tests are also visible through the building of the facility for freelancers. This really Experts specific priority is getting a good budget job.

Freelancer cannot bid easily in the site than others. In other words, in order to work on Upwork is the minimum participation is necessary to freelancer & need experience. Freelancer must be developed 100% profile to get work. For this reason this site is very reliable to buyers. Freelancing sites are in the world many of them the maximum amount task is credited in this site. In such cases, all the amount of work that is submitted to the freelancing sites, only the amount of work that is submitted Upwork falling dots. Thereby, Bangladeshi freelancers if to be serious it will possible to more getting jobs.

The main thing Hey, currently working as a freelancer in most of the freelancer is involved with Relatively low rates of work and loyalty etc. Bangladeshi freelancers are better position. Those who are new to freelancing or who are interested in doing the job they are authenticated through their freelancing career can reduce the dot. If you are beginning to get a bit more speed and patience it takes to complete a 100% success in the course can be found at the site. There are many of the freelancers who work in the beginning, but the team has been working with some delay. One can understand to see Bangladeshi freelancers profile.

Primary and General Tips for Success in

®. Profile of Freelancer need to complete 100% after account opening.

®. Beautiful and informative profile need to create so that the buyer feels like offering job.

®. You want to work on issues related portfolio need to given. Need to give at least 10 portfolios.

®. You need to attend more skills test. Skills that devastated scores of 4.00 above should be ensured. More skills and good results will inspire to buyer to give you more task or to get quick job, to the more efficient and suitable for his work to buyer.

®. In order to get the job done or work related skills, experience, powerful and informative Cover Letter need to submit to the buyer by the proprietors of those fit for the job.

®. Need to apply for a job at a better time. Most of the time we mistake to define suitable time. When the buyer has fallen asleep then we have applied for the job, and when the buyer is willing to offer work, then we went to sleep.

®. Always need to check e-mail, Skype & visit the Upwork account. Because the buyer is given any message, interview or job can hire. You have to try to answer buyer’s questions carefully of the situation.

®. Many buyer wish not like to give job to the freelancers. Because of they become worry about the quality of freelancer & his or her task. As well as to follow the above instructions at 1-7 number of starters in accordance with the quality of work is a little low rates applied. When the feedback, experience and working hour will increase then need to applied higher rates.

By following the above tips you’ll succeed in Upwork.

Rent-A-Coder Coder has nearly 200 thousands registered freelancer or Coder. Every day about 500 jobs are available on this site. Site service charge or commission of 15% of the total outlay for each job after the completion of the work is paying Coder. The main ideas above sites are almost the same.

Coder on this site or the provider of the total number is about 700 thousands. More than 500 works on this site are available every day. 10% of the total amount of each of the site’s service charge. There is no service charge for the Gold Members. Gold members pay $ 1 per month, you just have to do. For new users to work on this site is available on a special type of trial projects, so that only new Coders are able to bid. As a result, the work will not have to wait very long time.

Thanks to all to visit my website.

How to make money on youtube ?

It is a popular way of approach to earn money from in the thousands of earning sources. The world’s biggest video-sharing site YouTube, you can earn by some special ways. Many people earn money from But why cannot you. In this post I’ll try to show you how you can earn from YouTube.

These were some of the methods discussed below are two ways you can take for making the video. These were the first to create a video with a video camera. And if you do not have a video camera, you can also use your computer. Note that a, that you should to create about the fun / learning or educational good-quality videos. If you want to rely on your channel tutorial, you should upload video tutorial nothing else. If you want to make video or music or drama of the channel, but it can be quite popular. One thing to keep in mind when you upload your video then you should to include with Keywords and will give description. You should share your uploaded videos link on various social networks. Because not only will be required to upload your videos to popular social networking sites such that Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc, youtube video etc.

Create backlink to your video. Well remember, YouTube video is a kind of publishing blogging. So, you should create backlink to come best position in the youtube, Google and other search engines. Create topics related link to your site only. Follow that people like you are doing or your competitors. If you want to be successful then you should to follow your competitors. See how successful they are. Read the history of their success.

How will the revenue from YouTube if you can create high-quality popular videos, or your channel popular YouTube AdSense then you can get an offer from a partnership. They have a good amount of money every month, you will have a partner. Click on the link in the YouTube Partnership (click here ) can apply for partnership. If you re-apply if they reject you have to wait more than two months. Apply again and when they will approve your channel then give you $200 per month.

 Also earn money with video reviews of products or different advertisements ads. Display affiliate links of in a variety of products can also earn money. If sell your affiliate product, you get commission. Moreover, if you like a nice name or keyword, the owner of the channel, but it can be sold later. There are many people who are buying targeted keywords or the name of the channel.  Though YouTube don’t support this, but it is beyond. But it takes time. If you can produce quality video to the popular completed, then you can earn several thousands of money from YouTube.

Some of the people I mention the names and the amount of their income are given below How to make money on youtube ?

1. Fred (200 million views and earn $146,000) – See more at:

2. Ryan Higa (206 million views and earn $151,000)

3. Shane Dawson (431 million views and earn $315,000)
4. The Annoying Orange (349 mil views and earn $288,000)
5. Philip DeFranco (248 million views and earn $181,000) Thanks to All.