How to make money on youtube ?

It is a popular way of approach to earn money from in the thousands of earning sources. The world’s biggest video-sharing site YouTube, you can earn by some special ways. Many people earn money from But why cannot you. In this post I’ll try to show you how you can earn from YouTube.

These were some of the methods discussed below are two ways you can take for making the video. These were the first to create a video with a video camera. And if you do not have a video camera, you can also use your computer. Note that a, that you should to create about the fun / learning or educational good-quality videos. If you want to rely on your channel tutorial, you should upload video tutorial nothing else. If you want to make video or music or drama of the channel, but it can be quite popular. One thing to keep in mind when you upload your video then you should to include with Keywords and will give description. You should share your uploaded videos link on various social networks. Because not only will be required to upload your videos to popular social networking sites such that Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc, youtube video etc.

Create backlink to your video. Well remember, YouTube video is a kind of publishing blogging. So, you should create backlink to come best position in the youtube, Google and other search engines. Create topics related link to your site only. Follow that people like you are doing or your competitors. If you want to be successful then you should to follow your competitors. See how successful they are. Read the history of their success.

How will the revenue from YouTube if you can create high-quality popular videos, or your channel popular YouTube AdSense then you can get an offer from a partnership. They have a good amount of money every month, you will have a partner. Click on the link in the YouTube Partnership (click here ) can apply for partnership. If you re-apply if they reject you have to wait more than two months. Apply again and when they will approve your channel then give you $200 per month.

 Also earn money with video reviews of products or different advertisements ads. Display affiliate links of in a variety of products can also earn money. If sell your affiliate product, you get commission. Moreover, if you like a nice name or keyword, the owner of the channel, but it can be sold later. There are many people who are buying targeted keywords or the name of the channel.  Though YouTube don’t support this, but it is beyond. But it takes time. If you can produce quality video to the popular completed, then you can earn several thousands of money from YouTube.

Some of the people I mention the names and the amount of their income are given below How to make money on youtube ?

1. Fred (200 million views and earn $146,000) – See more at:

2. Ryan Higa (206 million views and earn $151,000)

3. Shane Dawson (431 million views and earn $315,000)
4. The Annoying Orange (349 mil views and earn $288,000)
5. Philip DeFranco (248 million views and earn $181,000) Thanks to All.

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